2021-05-17 – DFIN

SPACs are here to stay, but with some caution 新指引下SPAC热潮有望持续

Rising SPAC popularity is predicted to continue with the SEC’s growing interest in the method generating more legitimacy and structure. Craig Clay, President of Global Capital Markets, DFIN, discusses the benefits and potential challenges of going public via the SPAC merger route, and how it fits into the evolving IPO process.

随着美国证监会(SEC) 落实加强监管特殊目的收购公司(SPAC),市场将迎来更全面的合规性和新机遇,因此我们预期SPAC上市热潮将有望持续。在最近的博客文章中,DFIN全球资本市场总裁Craig Clay讨论了通过SPAC合并途径上市的优势和最新挑战。