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Welcome to "Letting AI Work For you"

Brought to you by eBrevia, industry-leading document analytics software powered by the most precise artificial intelligence in the industry.

eBrevia is an industry-leading legaltech software specializing in document analytics and management. It is designed to augment, and not replace, human efficiency. With the help of machine learning and natural language processing, it can – in seconds – extract key data points and track obligations across your documents, helping you save time, mitigate risk, and make informed business decisions.

eBrevia is used by numerous legal professionals in M&A due diligence, contract reviews, general document digitization and management, building precedent libraries and more.

Watch this video series to discover eBrevia’s key features and how it can seamlessly and securely fit into your workflows to drive efficiency and reduce cost.


Episode 1:  Automating the review of Annual Reports in different languages

In this episode, we will look at a use case where we’ve used eBrevia to automate the review of Chinese Annual Reports of Hong Kong listed companies against the Hong Kong Listing Rules.


Episode 2:  Provision compare against a standard

In this episode, we will look at how eBrevia can extract and compare provisions against a standard across multiple documents. This is especially useful for large scale reviews and building precedent libraries.

Episode 3: Document and Legal Obligation Management with DFIN eBrevia

In this episode, we will look at how eBrevia can help organizations digitize documents and gain visibility into business risks and legal obligations. This will include OCR functions, AI classification of documents, customized tags, and enhanced search / filtering options.

Episode 4

Coming soon!

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